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"Our Community Engagement"
Expanding the Role of Promotores/Community Health Care Workers






The mission of Día de la Mujer Latina is to promote healthy behaviors within the underserved Latino community by providing a culturally and linguistically proficient education, facilitating early detection screening, culturally preventative care interventions; promoting wellness with resource information, Promotores/Community Health Workers training and Patient Navigation for follow-up services.
Since 1997, Día de la Mujer Latina (DML) has earned national recognition as a Latino community-based organization (CBO), founded by a Latina breast cancer survivor, dedicated to eliminating health disparities within the Latino community in 39 states, Puerto Rico, Mexico and the Dominican Republic. Its focus on providing culturally proficient health education and facilitating

early detection screening is a result of its successful signature bilingual training modules for Promotores/CHWs. This bilingual comprehensive curriculum includes training modules in areas such as community engagement, patient advocacy, principles of health promotion, chronic disease management, patient navigation, behavioral health navigation and telehealth community navigation.


National Board of Directors

Venus Ginés, M.A., CHWI

President/Founder Executive Board

Cesar Rolon Jr. – Past Board Chair

Imagen Marketing Consultants

Yvette De Luna


Concepcion Diaz-Arrastia

MD – Medical Director
Women’s Health Surgeon

Emilia Cordero

MS, RN, ANP-C, – Secretary Baylor College of Medicine

Leslie Enriquez

Honorary Board Member

Zahyrah Blakeney

Episcopal Health Foundation

Nelly Elorza

Administrator (Volunteer) CHW/Promotores Instructor, Notary Public

Advisory Board

Arnie Joseph

Chroma Group – New Jersey

Dr. Jose Gerena

DML Puerto Rico Volunteer Staff

Timothy Akers, Ph.D.

Vice President for Research Innovation and Advocacy

Robin Albany

Nurse Practitioner

Lourdes Ortiz

Patient Navigator
In November 2019, DML inaugurated training courses for the students at the UABCS, Universidad Autónoma Baja California Sur, Los Cabos in Mexico.Dozens of students attended the Workshop: Diabetes and Obesity Awareness among the Latino community.
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Venus Ginés earned a B.A. from California State University on Latin American Studies & Women’s Studies and a M.A. from Georgia State University (WMSI), focusing on the cultural and system barriers faced by Latinas with breast cancer.
Appointed to NCI’s first Director’s Consumer Liaison Group and in 1997, invited to present at a Congressional Panel for the recognition of the term “Latino” as a proper category term for the new population from Latin America initiated Venus’s advocacy work for cancer and women’s rights. Nationally, she served on many national boards appointed to the Blue Ribbon Panel of NCI Health Disparities Progress Review Group in Washington, DC/chairing the Trans HHS Cultural Competence in Education & Training Roundtable.

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