Our Programs

Día de la Mujer Latina holds conferences throughout the year to address the physical and behavioral health needs of diverse minority populations.

Our Promotores and Community Health Worker Certificate Training Programs – an online Texas Approved and Certified Training of 160 hours + 8 Core Competence + Internships.

“Mi Hermana- Latina Health Champions” -
FREE Pap and HPV tests for 70 pairs of sisters. For information and registration call 713 277 5444. Space is limited, spread the word!

Hablando Entre Nos...

This Facebook Live Program on Saturdays at Noon CST is geared to bring important updated and verifiable information for those Promotores, Community Health Workers and other community outreach workers, who provide much needed navigation services on health and social services to their vulnerable constituents. Each week, the team of Leslie Enriquez and Yvette De Luna host special speakers and prominent leaders in the community to speak on topics impacting the Latinx Community. This medium provides an outlet for these community angels to share pressing issues and challenges they face daily.

Telehealth Community Navigation.

This sponsored program by various agencies and corporations have allowed us to promote our Telehealth Community Navigation Program via 10 hotlines throughout 7 cities in Texas, Chicago, Atlanta and San Diego. Over 46,000 have received these warm phone calls from our Promotores/Community Health Workers to apply the Body, Mind & Spirit concept of healing.

No Más/No More Misinformation + Miscommunication = Mistrust Campaign

Telehealth Community Navigation Center

A call center for debunking misinformation, reducing mistrust, and providing navigation services for our underrepresented communities for health and social services, including information on vaccines, clinical trials and COVID 19. The TCN Center will be manned by Texas Certified Community Health Workers and Promotores statewide. For more information contact president@interculturalhrw.org.