Our Mission

The mission of Día de la Mujer Latina is to promote healthy behaviors within the underserved Latino community by providing a culturally and linguistically proficient education, facilitating early detection screening, culturally preventative care interventions; promoting wellness with resource information, Promotores/Community Health Workers training and Patient Navigation for follow-up services.

Since 1997, Día de la Mujer Latina (DML) has earned national recognition as a Latino community based organization (CBO), founded by a Latina breast cancer survivor, dedicated to eliminating health disparities within the Latino community in 39 states and Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. Its focus on providing culturally proficient health education and facilitating early detection screening is a results of its successful signature bilingual training modules for P/CHWs.

In 2009, DML became the first Latino CBO approved as a Texas State Health Sponsored Certification Training Program for Promotores/Community Health Workers (P/CHWs) and Instructors, conducting 160-hour training on 8 Core Competencies (Communication, Interpersonal Skills, Coordination of Services, Community Capacity Building, Advocacy, Teaching, Organization and Knowledge-based.) The Knowledge-based skills include diabetes, hypertension, breast and cervical cancer, STDs (HPV & HIV), autism, heart disease, nutrition, diet and exercise (ZUMBA) in many US cities. This bilingual comprehensive curriculum includes training modules in areas such as community engagement, patient advocacy, principles of health promotion, chronic disease management, financial navigation, and health behavior change specifically in mental health.