No Más, No More

No Más, No More Declarative Statement

The No Más, No More…Misinformation + Miscommunication = Mistrust​ ​ declarative statement is a commitment to health awareness and culturally and linguistically appropriate educational effort to address the serious consequences of misinformation and miscommunication connected to the COVID-19 pandemic, in addition to, other health and social inequities.

Misinformation​ is defined as the unknowing dissemination of false rumors, inaccuracies, and gossip across public platforms and community groups.

Disinformation is the coordinated effort of disseminating misinformation with the intent to deceive or persuade the public or underrepresented community groups.

The key difference between misinformation and disinformation is “intent.”

Miscommunication is related to the lack of clear or adequate communication.
Goal: We want to empower our medically underserved communities to become more aware of how misinformation and miscommunication are used to manipulate, harm and dangerously impact vulnerable communities from receiving the facts to make informed decisions for their lives and that of their loved ones.
Given the disproportionate and deadly impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on multicultural communities, it is vital that we recognize that Misinformation + Miscommunication leads to more Mistrust. We aim to empower our people with knowledge to protect their health and the health and wellness of their communities.

We invite all of our health and community allies across the nation to join The Intercultural Center for Health, Research and Wellness and Día de la Mujer Latina, as we launch the:

No Más, No More health intervention framework.

We understand that to reduce health and wellness disparities, we must first address the impact of misinformation, disseminated through forms of miscommunication, that breeds mistrust.

Join us as we work to restore trust in our communities. Join us as we advocate for new policy and legislative action that integrates the work of community health workers and promotores into health initiatives.

Sign on to our Declarative Statement as we begin this work to move our communities out of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is time we finally improve health outcomes in our communities by first restoring trust through the work of our collective voices and action.


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